Department of Social Work

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The Department of Social Work  provides services  that cater for the psychosocial aspects of medical conditions , the patients,families and caregivers in order to enhance quality of life and relieve the burden associated with the disease condition. Staffed by 5 medical social workers and 3 support administrative staff, the department is engaged with collaborative efforts with the clinical departments in the hospital.

Head of Department:
A. J. Popoola
(Diploma in Social Work, BSc, MSW)
Tel  No:  08034033433

To give hope, care and succour to all patients especially to those with terminal illness, to prolong their lives, integrate them with their families and for them to die with dignity.

Services Provided
Management of social disease and problems, Social rehabilitation,
Assisting  abandoned and motherless babies, Counselling  HIV/AIDS patients and their families, Palliative care for terminally ill patients,
Tracing relatives of road traffic accident victims, Linking  patients with external sources of support, Raising financial support for indigent patients

Training Programme
Annual conference/workshop organized by the following bodies:
* Association of Medical Social Workers of Nigeria.
* National  Association of Social Workers.

Neuropsychiatric Hospital Aro, Abeokuta* Stella Obasanjo Children Home, Abeokuta * Ministry of Women and Social Services, Abeokuta.
University of Ilorin, Kwara State* School of Health Technology, Ilese, Ogun state* Nigeria Prison Services, Abeokuta* Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria.

Social work books, magazines and journals, departmental vehicle.
Recording device e.g Camera, radio and video tape.
Office complex for medical social work department
Financial assistance for indigent patients.

5-Year Targets
To have a rehabilitation centre in the hospital. We look forward to a situation where the department can fund surgeries and other forms of treatment for indigent patients. We hope to be able to do a lot of researches and write papers for publication.

Contact us

Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta.

Olabisi Onabanjo Way, Idi-Aba

Abeokuta, Nigeria


Tel: +(234) 8095948007, 8095947913


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